Yacht Charters

PACIFIC WAVE at anchor available for Caribbean yacht charters.The Caribbean islands are richly diverse.  They are much more than sipping umbrella drinks on sandy-white resort beaches. It’s about much more!  When you are out aboard a Caribbean Yacht Charter you discover a different way of life.  A life where clocks are rare.  A life where relaxation is abundant

The experts at AquaSafaris can guide you in selecting a Caribbean Yacht Charter that will uncover your island adventure !  Vacationing in the islands by water is the only way to go.

Traveling by water allows you to cover more territory, whether you are looking for seclusion in your own private paradise or seeking the spirited mix of cultures that has spilled into the islands over thousands of centuries. And while a Caribbean Yacht Charter offers a wondrous number of destination choices, we will direct you to the best of the tropics, and tailor your charter to your personality and passions.

For years, the Virgin Islands was home base for our Caribbean Yacht Charters, and some of our favorite journeys focus on the Virgin Islands, Windward Islands and Leeward Islands. Check out our Captain’s Log for first-hand accounts of the paradise we found there.