Captain’s Log

Paradise Foundget-attachment-2

by Captain John Borden


It is important to note that most of these Autobiographical accounts and observations were written prior to my fathers passing in 1996.  Obviously much has changed since then, but it is to my father Jack that I dedicate this log.  As an avid reader, and after hours poet, he encouraged me to create a written account of my cruising life before children.

I also dedicate the Captan’s log to my cousin Dr. Richard Borden.  Paradise Found was originally a column in the Charleston based Maritime journal, The Water Log.  Cousin Dick subscribed and read every issue.  He was a proponent of concise writing, proclaiming that reading each entry should not exceed the time it takes to have a proper bowel movement! Knighted by the French for Heroism on D-Day and co-founder of North Carolina Outward Bound, Cousin Dicks’ incredible life appropriately ended on the last day of the Mayan calendar.

Both my dad and my cousin were most at home on the water.

Article I.

A San Salvadoran Thanksgiving

Article II.

The Virgin Islands, Part I, St. John & The British Islands

Article III.

The Virgin Islands, Part II, St. Croix

Article IV.

The Virgin Islands, Part III, Island of Angegada

Article V.

The Saronic Islands of Greece Part I

Article VI.

The Saronic Islands of Greece Part II

Article VII.

San Remo, Italy and a Riviera Rendevous with the Darling Jade

Article VIII.

St. Lucia

Article IX.

The Island of Dominica

Article X.

Australia’s Whitsunday Islands, Part I

Article XI.

Australia’s Whitsunday Islands, Part II

Article XII.

The Grenadines: Islands in the Clouds, Part I: The Island of Bequia

Article XIII.

The Grenadines: Islands in the Clouds, Part II: The Island of Mustique

Article XIV.

The Grenadines: Islands in the Clouds, Part III: The Tobago Cays

Article XV.

The Grenadines: Islands in the Clouds, Part IV: Palm Island and Petite St. Vincent